"As your feelings toward your mother heal, your desires manifest more rapidly and accurately."

The Angels ask you to release some remaining "mother issues". Give the entire situation to the Angels, knowing that everything is in the hands of Infinite Spirit. The situation may heal in unexpected ways. Be unconcerned with how it heals, and be vigilant in releasing any lower energies connected to your mother that could interfere with your life's mission.

By releasing any mother issues, your heart opens further to accepting joy and blessings into your life. Your mother benefits when you're happy, whether or not she's consciously aware of it. Be willing to forgive and release old issues relating to yourself, your mother, mother figures, or anyone connected to your mother. By cleansing you inner house, you invite new love, opportunities, abundance, and healing energy to enter your life.

Pulled from the magical mermaids and dolphins oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.

Angelic Blessings
Lightworker Danica

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Palesa Pangalele
Palesa Pangalele

May 14, 2017

May she live longer to enjoy my successes. And So It Is!!!

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