Your prayer for a soulmate relationship is answered.

August 03, 2015

Follow the guidance that you receive so that you may enjoy this gift of divine love. Your heart yearns for a big love. Since you are on the spiritual path, you desire a partner with a similar philosophy and common interests. Can you have great passion and spiritual companionship with the same person? This card confirms that your answer is, "Yes!" By drawing this card, your angels ask you to trust in and follow their lead. Your angels have heard your prayers for a great love, and they guide you to take steps to manifest this desire. If you are in a current relationship, your angels ask you to release this partnership to them. In that way, they can help elevate your relationship to a soulmate level, or help you to gently end it so that your new love may appear. Either way. they will closely assist you and give you clear steps to take. 


Pulled from Healing With The Angels oracle cards by Doreen Virtue.

Love & Light

Lightworker Danica