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    Good-Bye to the Old, Hello to the New.

    Good-Bye to the Old, Hello to the New.


    This card indicates that a chapter in your life is closing; perhaps you've been feeling a sense of loss or anxiety about the future.  This card reassures you that your present situation is teaching you many valuable and important life lessons.  You're now taking that wisdom and beginning a journey with new people, work, and situations.  Be open to this change, as it brings many blessings for everyone involved.  Your future is taken care of.

    Additional Meanings

    You may be moving to a new home.

    A job promotion is upcoming.

    A relationship is ending.

    A transition is noticeable.

    Let go of unhealthful old patterns.

    Make time to work on healing your past hurts.


    Healing Begins

    Healing Begins ~ Key Words: “release, heal, assistance, hope.”

    “The energies around you are guiding you toward a better place concerning dealings of the heart. These energies bring new information, new ideas, and new people to you. They will assist you in evaluation your current situation and help you improve it. Even good situations can be made better. What are your hopes and dreams around relationships? Be comforted that you are being moved in their direction now.

    This is a time of healing, a time to let go of past issues and move steadily forward. Better times are just around the corner. The “letting go” may include difficult relationships, the need to control, the fear of being alone, or anything else that is causing stress and unhappiness. By releasing them, you free yourself to embrace the supportive energy around you. Allow it to carry you onward and let the healing begin."

    Pulled from The Psychic Tarot For The Heart Oracle Card deck, by John Holland.

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