Audio Healing For Letting Go..

To truly feel at peace, centered and healed you must acknowledge and let go of all of your negative emotions. 

 With this Audio Healing, I worked intuitively with the healing Archangel Raphael to help you let go of any negative emotions, your negative past experiences, as well as negative relationships. 

As you listen to this audio healing for letting go, I’ve also made sure that the healing Archangel Raphael is by your side helping heal, clear and balance your heart chakra. 

 After you’ve listen to this audio please drink plenty of water and rest for the next 2-3 days as it will benefit your healing process. 


Please don’t listen to this audio when you are driving or operating heavy machinery. 

 This audio isn’t designed to heal any diseases. 

 After your order has been placed, you’ll receive your link for your audio healing for letting go in your order confirmation email. 



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