Chakra Clearing Audio Ceremonies By Lightworker Danica

Namaste, Lightworker Danica Here, 

When your chakras are balanced you feel optimistic, energized, confident and in control of your emotions. When your chakras are unbalanced you feel anxious, drained, tired and irritable.

It's truly time for you to take action and have your chakras healed, cleared and balanced! No more waiting! It's time that you feel more uplifted with your energy, have control of your emotional well being and it's also time that you take back your inner strength, feel more focused, decisive, confident, assertive and powerful!

With my chakra clearing audio ceremonies, you don't need to schedule an appointment, no photo is needed and the best thing about my chakra clearing audio ceremonies is that you can listen to them whenever you'd like as many times as you'd like.

For beginners, I truly recommend that you start with a root chakra clearing audio ceremony and work your way up with clearing the rest of your chakras.

On the chakra clearing audio ceremony, you'll be hearing my voice and I will be guiding you to relax while the specific Archangel and myself clear, heal and balance your specific chakra. This is a 15 minute chakra clearing audio ceremony. Please make sure that you wear a white top, lite a white candle and relax with your eyes closed for 15 minutes. Please no distractions during your chakra clearing audio ceremonies.

Please note that I won't be providing any follow ups after you are done listening to your chakra clearing audio ceremony. I would like to however see how your chakras are looking after a month of you listening to your chakra clearing audio ceremonies. Please know that I am here for you as you start your healing journey as well as if you have any further questions please press the message button below.

It's also important for you to know that my chakra audio ceremonies aren't designed to heal or cure any diseases. Also if you are currently taking any medication please continue to do so as well as if you have any medical questions please contact your doctor or pharmacist .

After your secure checkout your chakra audio ceremony will be emailed to you right away and you can start listing to your ceremony right away!

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Chakra Clearing Audio Ceremonies By Lightworker Danica

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