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    Healing Reports By LightWorker Danica

    Healing Reports By LightWorker Danica

    LigthWorker Danica has been working intuitively with the healing Archangels over 20 years. LightWorker Danica and the Healing Archangels are here to bring you peace, clarity and healing with her (New) Healing Reports. 

    With each Healing Report, LightWorker Danica works intuitively with the specific Archangel for 35 minutes and they will provide healing to your specific chakra, aura and cord cutting. 

    After working intuitively for 35mins with the specific archangel, LightWorker will email your healing report via the email you’ve provided during your checkout process. 

    Please note that no appointment is needed for LightWorker Danica’s Healing Reports. 

    What is needed for your healing is your recent picture or birthdate. After your order you can email your details to Danica@AngelicHealingByDanica.com 

    You must be 18+ to receive a healing report. 


    If you purchase one healing report, your healing report will be emailed in 2-4 days from your purchase date. Please exclude Saturday’s and Sunday’s. 


    If you purchase more than one healing report, they will be emailed 1-2 weeks apart from one another. 

    After your healing report has been emailed, I ask that you drink plenty of water and rest for the next 4-5 days as this will benefit your healing process. 

    LightWorker Danica takes her healing reports very seriously and all of the healing is done out of love. 

    Please note that these healing reports aren’t designed to treat medical conditions. If you have any medical questions, please contact your doctor/pharmacist. 

    LigthWorker Danica looks forward working with the heavenly Archangels and bring healing your way. 

    After your healing report email has been sent, you’ll feel more content. optimistic, enlightened, powerful and focused. 

    Sending you healing/positive energy. 🙏🏻🙌🏻✨😇


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