Healing Reports By Danica

It’s time to scan your chakras. Take in a deep cleansing breath and breathe out all that no longer serves your higher good. Please also relax your shoulders, release all the tension from your jawline, put both of your hands on your heart chakra. 


Continue to breathe...Now...Ask yourself: “How am I really feeling?” (Be Honest With Yourself) Then, pay attention to your intuitive feelings. 


I am sending the healing Archangels to be by your side right now. I am also sending you healing love and light.  


Please take some time now and write down what you were picking during your chakra scan.


During your chakra scan: Did your lower back brother you? Did you get overwhelmed with emotions? If so, then a sacral chakra healing report by Danica and Archangel Uriel is recommended. 


Do you feel like you need your inner sparkle, inner power and inner confidence back? Then a solar plexus chakra healing report by Danica and Archangel Uriel is recommended for you. 


Have you been experiencing headaches, lack of focus as well as insomnia? If so, a third eye chakra healing report by Danica and Archangel Gabriel is recommended for you. 


How are you doing with your thoughts at the moment? Do experience pessimistic thoughts, strange dreams as well as lack of energy throughout your day? If so, crown chakra healing report by Danica and Archangel Metatron is recommended for you. 


(Please know that during your actual chakra healing, Danica picks up much more intuitively and will let you know on your healing report)


If you never received a chakra healing report by me, no worries. I’m here to work with the healing Archangels and for us to bring you healing your way on all levels.


I do recommend that you start with a root chakra healing report. The benefits of having your root chakra healed is that you’ll feel centered, peaceful, decisive, grounded and secure. 



Very Important! Please Read Below:  


Danica takes all of her healing work seriously and professionally.  

Danica’s Healing Reports aren’t designed to cure or heal any disease(s). If you feel any discomfort in your body or have any medical questions please contact your doctor or pharmacist right away! 


Requirements For Your Purchased Healing Reports:

You must be 18+ 

Valid Email.

Recent Picture. 


After your order, expect to receive your healing report(s) via the email you’ve provided during your checkout process. Please allow 4-6 days to receive your healing report(s). Excluding the weekend. 

If you need any assistance please contact: Danica@AngelicHealingByDanica.com 

Thank you. 

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