Cord Cutting Healing Report

When you have negative etheric cords attached from a individual or negative emotion you feel unfocused, anxious and scattered.

Archangel Michael and Danica are here to cut all of those negative attachments/emotions and our goal is for you to feel confident, powerful, authentic and harmonious.  

Danica will working intuitively with Archangel Michael and they will safely cut all of the etheric cords between you and the individual you choose to cut cords with. 

No appointment is needed.

In order for your cord cutting healing to be performed properly, Lightworker Danica will need your recent picture or birthdate. These details can be send after your order has been please to   

You must be 18+. 

Please allow 4-6 days to receive receive your cord cutting healing report from your purchased date. Please exclude Saturday’s/Sunday’s.

If you choose to cut cords between a individual that may be negative towards you please know that a cord cutting healing won’t harm that person nor you. Archangel Michael will however safely cut those negative etheric cords. After the cords have been safely cut, there will be more understanding between you and that individual. Rest assured that Ligthworker Danica will provide further details when she actually sends you your cord cutting healing report. 

Please also note that you have a option to cut cords between a negative emotion such as anger, guilt, resentment, fear, anxiety, grief as well as you can let LightWorker Danica know which negative emotion you’d like to have safely cut. 

Rest assured that Danica will be in contact with you via email after your order and will discuss with you if you’d like to cut cords between a individual or negative emotion. 

 No refunds/exchanges are available. 

Thank you.  

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