Relationship Healing Reading By Danica.

Danica and the healing Archangels Raphael/Uriel are here to bring emotional healing to your relationship. Whether you are in a new relationship, long term relationship, engaged or married.

During your relationship healing, Danica works intuitively with Archangel Raphael to clear, heal, balance your heart chakra as well as your partners heart chakra. You as well as your partner will get a full heart chakra healing reports.

When your and your partners heart chakra is healed/balanced/cleared there will be more love, understanding, compassion, honesty, clarity and openness between you and your partner. 

Danica also works intuitively with Archangel Uriel to heal, clear, heal and balance your sacral chakra as well as your partners sacral chakra. You as well as your partner will get a full sacral chakra healing reports

When your sacral chakras are balanced, you and your partner will have a easier time expressing your emotions as well as your desires with one another. Also with your sacral chakra being balanced your intimate relationship with your partner will be more healthier and balanced.

You are more then welcome to explain your relationship status to Danica. Where you think your relationship needs the most healing in as well as you can ask Danica any relationship question you might have. 

This relationship healing is designed to bring emotional healing to you and your partner. When there is emotional healing in the relationship you’ll feel more comfortable with your emotions as well as your partner will feel comfortable with there emotions. When emotions are expressed clearly there will be a sense of peace between the two of you as well as growth. 

In your relationship healing, Danica will also take a look at your astrological signs and give you a reading about your signs to let you know positive/negative traits about your signs.  

Very Important Information That You Must Read Below Before Purchasing This Specific Reading:  

To receive your relationship healing reading, You and your partner must be 18 and up.

Your birthdate as well as your partners birthdate is required. 

Picture is also required for this reading.

Please allow 4-6 business days to receive this reading via email that you’ve provided during your checkout process. 

After your order has been placed, please email with your informative details OR you can add your information during your checkout. 

No returns/exchanges are available at the time.

Danica very much looks forward to working with the healing Archangels Raphael/Uriel and for them to bring emotional healing to your relationship. 🙏🏻❤️🙌🏻😇

God Bless & Thank you. 


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