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    Chakra Intuitive Readings

    Chakra Intuitive Readings


    Lightworker Danica here. With the help of the healing Archangels we have designed new chakra readings.  

    With each chakra reading, I work intuitively with a specific Archangel and we will let you know if your chakra is unbalanced, which emotion is weighing down your chakra as well as you can ask one specific question about what your specific chakra wants to let you know. Please look at the chakra readings below for more information about the specific question. 


    Please note that no appointment is needed nor a follow up will be provided. 


    Please allow 12-24 hours to receive your chakra reading via email. Please exclude Saturday’s & Sunday’s. 


     You must be 18+. 

     These chakra readings aren’t designed to balance your chakras. 

     A current photo is needed so I can take a deeper intuitive look at your specific chakra during your chakra reading. 


    I look forward working with the healing archangels and provide a chakra reading for you.