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    How to book a distant energy healing ceremony?

    On your product page, you'll see a calendar. On that calendar you'll see my available dates and times.  Please choose which available date will work for you as well as your time? Please note that my timezone is Chicago central time.


    Rest assured that Lightworker Danica will get your date/time that you have requested.

    A appointment reminder will be emailed 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.  (Please make sure that you provide your email address when you checkout)

    Please no cancellations after your appointment reminder has been sent.

    Please also note that if you purchase multiple distant energy healing ceremonies that they have to be scheduled 1-2 weeks apart. 

    On the day of your scheduled ceremony, please wear a white top, lite a white candle and relax for 30 minutes of your scheduled time. Please no distractions during your ceremony. Relaxing music can be played in the background.

    After your ceremony has been performed, please allow couple of hours to receive your follow up via email that you have provided during your checkout. On your follow up email, Lightworker Danica will let you know what she was able to pick up intuitively during your scheduled ceremony.


    In order for your ceremony to performed successful please email your current picture to

    You must be 18+

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