Archangel Raphael Cat's Eye Angelic Bracelet

Angelic Healing By Danica

$ 22.75 

Archangel Raphael can surround anything needing healing with emerald green energy. Raphael helps us breathe and create a healthier lifestyle. Raphael can help you heal yourself or find a healer who can help you heal. Raphael is known as the healing angel, and he gives guidance through our intuitions, thoughts, ideas, dreams and other inner impressions. Those suffering from addictions would benefit in asking for Archangel Raphael for assistance.The Archangel Raphael corresponds to the chakra color green. The fourth chakra is the “heart chakra” that guides us through life and helps us open up our hearts so that we are more receptive to love. With this angelic bracelet I used Cat's Eye beads. This stone is considered to protect the visual center of the brain and helps with eyesight. The eye shaped crystal has an amazing effect on the nervous system and should be worn often. Used to drive away nightmares when placed by the bedside. All of my closings I use such as lobster claw or toggle clasp are silver plated. Please choose your size, wings, and your closing.