Heart Chakra Clearing Audio Ceremony With Lightworker Danica & Archangel Raphael.

Angelic Healing By Danica

$ 15.00 

Archangel Raphael and Lightworker Danica are here to help clear, heal, balance your heart chakra.

This is a 15 minute audio healing ceremony. LightWorker Danica connects intuitively with Archangel Raphael and they'll guide you to release any anxious/negative energy from your heart chakra.

After this healing meditation you'll feel more compassionate, balanced, joyous, peaceful, and harmonious. Your heart chakra will be more opened to love. Archangel Raphael and LightWorker Danica will also help you attract healthier relationships. Your relationship with yourself will be more loving and caring. You'll feel more worthy and self confident.

Perfect for beginners!

Very Important for you to know:

No need for you to schedule an appointment.

You can listen to this healing meditation whenever you'd like.

Please DO NOT Listen to this meditation while you are driving.

Lightworker Danica won't be providing a follow up after your healing meditation.

No distractions during your heart chakra healing meditation.

Having a white candle lit and wearing a white top is necessary for your healing meditation.

It's also very beneficial that you drink plenty of water and rest for the next few days after your heart chakra healing meditation.

Don't pressure yourself to heal. You are starting your healing journey and it's important that you are gentle, loving and patient with yourself.

After your secure checkout, Lightworker Danica will email your heart chakra healing audio meditation and you can start listening to it right away! 🙏🏻✨😇

It's best if you use headphones.

This healing meditation isn't designed to heal any diseases. If you are currently taking prescription medication please continue to do so and if you have any medical questions please consult your doctor or pharmacist.

If you have any questions for LightWorker Danica, please press the message button below.