Distant Root Chakra Clearing Ceremony with Archangel Chamuel & Lightworker Danica.

Angelic Healing By Danica

$ 30.00 


This is a distant energy healing ceremony. On your scheduled date, LightWorker Danica works intuitively with Archangel Chamuel to clear, heal and balance your root chakra for 30 minutes. 

After your ceremony, you'll feel more grounded, secure, stable with your emotions & decisive. LightWorker Danica will provide a follow up email shortly after your root chakra clearing ceremony has been performed. In your follow up email, LightWorker Danica will let you know how everything went by her side, what she was able to pick up intuitively during your root chakra clearing ceremony and how your overall energy is. 


 On the day of your scheduled ceremony, please wear a white top, lite a white candle and relax for 30 minutes with your eyes closed. Please no distractions during your ceremony.

After you have placed this order, LightWorker Danica will email you to let you know what her availability is to perform your ceremony and will ask you for your time for your ceremony. Please also have a recent picture ready for your ceremony which you can email after your order has been placed. 

If you purchased more then one ceremony, please note that the ceremonies have to be scheduled 1-2 weeks apart from one another. 

Remember that you are safe as you breathe, let go, heal and grow.

If you purchased the root chakra clearing audio ceremony, please note that you can listen to that during your distant root chakra clearing ceremony.  

  Namaste 🙏🏻