Heart Chakra Healing Report

During you heart chakra healing, Danica works intuitively with Archangel Raphael to heal and balance your heart chakra. All of the anger, sadness, anxiety and negative energy will be lifted from your heart chakra. After the heart chakra healing, you’ll feel more emotionally grounded/peaceful as well as LightWorker Danica will let you know what further intuitive details she was able to pick up during your heart chakra healing.


No Appointment is needed.

What is needed is your birthdate or recent picture.

You must be 18+.

Your heart chakra healing report will be emailed 4-6 days from your purchased date. Please exclude the weekend. 

Danica asks that you please drink plenty of water and rest for the next 4-6 days after you’ve received your heart chakra healing report as this will benefit your healing process. 

No returns/exchanges are accepted.

Your Thank you   

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