Audio cord cutting for decreasing anxiety with Danica and Archangel Michael

It was truly a blessing to have worked intuitively with Archangel Michael and create this Audio ceremony to cut cords of fear and decrease anxiety. 

As you listen to this audio, I work intuitively with Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael will be by your side cutting safely all of the etheric cords of fear/anxiety that are attached to your sacral, solar plexus, third and crown chakra. Archangel Michael and I will also help decrease your anxious energy and I will also ask you to repeat positive/uplifting affirmations as well as give you tips on how you can live a stress-free lifestyle. 

Please read carefully below: 

No age requirements. 

You can listen to this audio ceremony whenever you’d like. Day or Evening,

Please  know that this audio ceremony isn’t designed to cure anxiety. It is however designed to cut all of the negative attachments of fear that are holding you back from living a more positive, powerful, peaceful and happy life as well as the powerful Archangel Michael and myself are here to help decrease your anxious energy. 

If you are taking any anxiety medications please don’t stop taking them until you consult your doctor. 

Please DO NOT listen to this audio ceremony while you are driving or operating heavy machinery. 

After your order has been completed, you’ll receive a downloadable link of your audio ceremony right away in your order confirmation email. 


No refunds/exchanges available. Thank you.  

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