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Welcome To Angelic Healing By Danica!



Lightworker Danica is here to help you start your healing journey!

Distance Angel Healing is a relaxing yet powerful modality. Lightworker Danica works with Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and team of angelic healers, along with your guardian angels, to heal you on all levels (mind, body, and spirit) in all directions of time. If you are truly ready to transcend your old beliefs and are open to receiving all the blessings of this divine healing Light, then your healing session may also come with an awakening; an ascension in consciousness; the reconnection with your Spirit Light body, and infinitely more possibilities. Remember that nothing is impossible with angels.

In order for healing to occur in your life, You must learn to let go and surrender your worries and fears to the light. Healing starts when we let go, When we let go, We grow and heal. Lightworker Danica looks forward working with the healing angels and help you start your healing journey. As your healing journey begins you will start to feel more uplifted, optimistic, confident and most of all powerful! 


                                "Surround Yourself With Healing Light & Know That You Are Safe." 


Start your healing journey today! 

A prayer to invoke healing: “Dearest angels of healing, please give me everything I need to heal completely. I am willing to heal on every level — mind, body, and spirit. I surrender and trust that you know exactly what I need and you will show me the way. I am paying attention and I commit to taking action on anything I must do in order to achieve wholeness.” 

Please scroll down and learn more on how my distance energy healing works. Angel Blessings! 




Q. How Distance Healing Works
A. Spirit (angels, souls, and energy) are not restricted by time and space. They can heal you anywhere in the world. And since Spirit isn't restricted by the concept of distance, Danica's soul is able to connect with and heal you, no matter where you live. In fact, on a quantum level, third dimensional distance actually strengthens the healing process.

Q. Do you need a photo of me for my healing session?
A.  Yes in order for Danica to connect with you, she requires a relatively recent photo of you.

Q. What is my role when I book my healing session?
A. Danica needs you to wear a white shirt and make sure to lite a white candle for your 30 minutes Chakra Clearing or Etheric Cord cutting ceremony. Set aside some time to relax and to consciously receive the healing energy. Prior to the healing, set your intention to heal completely and to give all your cares, worries and ailments to the angels. For your home clearing ceremony please lite a white candle for 30 minutes and have couple of windows opened. And also for your home clearing ceremony I will need some pictures of your home from the inside and outside. Which you can email me after your secure checkout.


Intention: Your healing depends largely on your willingness to part with the pain or blockages. Once your intentions and affirmations have been set, and you are fully prepared to release your health concerns, then the healing can begin.

Expectation: It’s important not to have any preconceived notion of what you will experience. Every healing is unique. Some people don’t feel a thing while others experience a great deal. Whether or not you are aware of the healing as it is taking place, rest assured it will work. The angels never let us down! Just go into the healing with an open mind and heart and trust that whatever happens or doesn’t happen, as the case might be, is exactly right for you.

Q. What should I expect in the upcoming weeks after my healing ceremony? 

A. Days and even weeks after the healing, you may notice shifts taking place within you. It’s possible that you may also feel tired or otherwise out of sorts. Honor your body’s wisdom and sleep when you’re tired. Also, drink lots of water as you will also be detoxifying. You might find it helpful to keep a journal of your progress. Since healing is cyclical, you will take two steps forward and one back. It can feel like you’re not getting anywhere even though you are. The journal will help you to see the progress you’re making. If, perchance, questions arise following the healing, you should trust your intuition and your connection with the angels to provide the answers. Angels do not and cannot answer everything for us. Life is a classroom for the soul, after all, so we must do the work in order to learn. They can only give us hints; they can’t write full essays for us. So, whatever your intuition tells you, honor its wisdom.

You must be 18 or older to receive and of these healing services. 

If your are on any prescriptions pills please don't get off them before consulting your doctor. Distance Energy Healing service is there to help you cut your etheric cords, clear and balance your chakras and is not meant to be used as a medical professional service. 

If you have anymore questions about these healing services please don't hesitate to contact 


Affirm Daily:

Thank you again for visiting my website Angelic Healing By Danca. I pray that you always have good health, happiness, peace inside and inner strength.   



             Special note: My website used to be called Blissfully Angelic.



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